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Re: [PATCH v12 1/3] Y2038: provide size of default time_t for target architecture

On Mon, 22 Oct 2018, Albert ARIBAUD wrote:

> > When a patch is approved that does not depend on other unapproved patches, 
> > the general expectation is that it will be committed, unless you find some 
> > other issue with it so you no longer think it's suitable for commit as-is 
> > and instead want to propose a new changed version.  Then a shorter patch 
> > series would be posted, omitting the committed patches.
> My bad - I'm used to resubmitting series entirely even when only some
> patches need fixing. I'll omit OK'd patches from now on.

You need to *commit* the approved patches to master, and then send a 
series that applies to current master with the approved patches included.  
If a patch can't be committed because it depends on an earlier unapproved 
patch (or because the approval was explicitly conditional on a whole 
series going in at once), then it's appropriate still to include it in the 
series, but to state explicitly that it's been approved and is unchanged 
from the approved version (if that's the case).

Joseph S. Myers

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