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Re: Propose requiring Python 3.4 or later for building glibc.

Hi Carlos, hi all,

On 2018-10-19 09:47, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> This proposal is to being circulated to all the distribution
> maintainers to gain their acceptance surrounding the use of
> python 3.4 or greater for building glibc.
> There has been concern expressed that requiring python 3.4
> or greater for the bootstrap process will add an additional
> tool the the bootstrap, and specifically a tool that may not
> be available on older distributions.
> Python is already mostly available for distributions because
> of the integration into key OS components. Python can be 
> built on older distributions, and on older distributions you
> already have to build a lot of things to compile glibc (like
> a newer gcc, and binutils).
> The question today is:
> * Is it OK to require python 3.4 or later to build glibc?


> Aurelian,
> Any input from Debian?

From the Debian side, the version 3.4 is not an issue at all. The
default Python 3 version in unstable (which is relevant for future
versions of glibc) is already 3.6.

We also need to consider the process of bootstrapping Debian. In that
case I believe it should also be fine as Python 3 from the host system
can be used. I have added Helmut Grohne in Cc: who is much more aware
of the bootstrapping process than me, and can confirm or infirm that.


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