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Re: [PATCH] Y2038: add struct __timespec64

Hi Joseph,

On Wed, 19 Sep 2018 14:55:49 +0000, Joseph Myers
<> wrote :

> Generally, what is the design for struct __timespec64 on configurations 
> where time_t is already 64-bit - normal 64-bit configurations, not just 
> x32?  I'd expect one of:
> * #define __timespec64 timespec (and no separate structure defined at 
> all).  This is probably also the right thing to do with x32 (if there are 
> appropriate header conditionals already available, that may mean you don't 
> need an x86-specific header variant at all).


> * The header doesn't get included at all for such configurations and no 
> APIs using the struct __timespec64 are declared at all for them.  That's 
> probably harder to implement (needs more conditionals all over glibc), so 
> the first approach seems better.
> > +/* check if a value lies with the valid nanoseconds range */  
> Comments start with an uppercase letter, end with "." and two spaces.  
> This needs fixing throughout the patch series.

Will fix.

> > +static inline bool timespec_to_timespec64 (const struct timespec *ts32,  
> The "static inline bool" should go on a separate line; the function name 
> in a definition always goes at the start of a line.  Likewise elsewhere.



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