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Re: Update list of i686-class processors in sysdeps/x86/cpu-features.h

Joseph Myers <> writes:

> On Wed, 19 Sep 2018, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> * Joseph Myers:
>> > Question: would it be better to implement this conditional in a
>> > negative sense (!defined __i486__ && !defined __i586__ && !defined
>> > __geode__, based on what macros are in the fixed conditional, but
>> > maybe using __k6__ instead of __geode__ based on GCC's understanding
>> > of the options in question) to reduce the chances of it needing
>> > updating in future?  (__i586__ is actually handled above.)
>> I think the GCC developers expect that we use the individual feature
>> test macros (__SSE2__ etc.).  The model-based macros are useless
> Which don't exist for CMOV, for example.

That's really unfortunate.

> We have a general principle that it's best for compile-time selection of 
> subarchitecture variants of functions to be based on how the compiler 
> behaves rather than configuring for a variant host triplet or using 
> --with-cpu.  We could e.g. select SSE functions by default based on 
> __SSE2__ (even if we don't do so at present).  But testing whether the 
> compiler produces a CMOV instruction for particular code seems more 
> fragile than testing #if conditions for processors without CMOV.

I agree about CMOV because it is extremely unlikely that we will see
another useful x86 CPU that doesn't have CMOV.

> As I suggested in the discussion in bug 23630, I think it would make sense 
> to eliminate, or at least minimize, the i586 / i686 / i786 sysdeps 
> directories, to reduce the number of function variants to be maintained; 
> maybe there are a few places where having conditionals in files on whether 
> CMOV is supported would be awkward, but in many places either an 
> i686-tuned version can be used as generic, or only small local 
> conditionals for CMOV support are needed.  E.g. 
> sysdeps/i386/i686/pthread_spin_trylock.S defines HAVE_CMOV; that ought to 
> be something available in a generic header, based on some way on what the 
> compiler predefines.

That particular function should probably be written in C, so that the
compiler can produce a better branch-free sequence, without using CMOV.
(I would be slightly surprised if the availability of CMOV would matter
to assembler code tuned for generic x86.)

>> > Question: is the inclusion of __k6__ in the present conditional
>> > logically incorrect, and the omission of __geode__ logically
>> > incorrect, as regards whether to define HAVE_I686?  The way GCC
>> > defines -march=k6 and -march=geode, it seems to think that the former
>> > excludes CMOV and the latter includes it.  (-march=geode is
>> > specifically "AMD Geode embedded processor with MMX and 3DNow!@:
>> > instruction set support.".)
>> Geode lacks support for long NOPs, but our i686 port requires them.
> Requires them where?  Through the use of -Wa,-mtune=i686 in 
> sysdeps/i386/i686/Makefile, or also through explicit uses?

Hmm.  I may have misremembered.  The current port should be okay as long
as CET isn't enabled.

For a while, GAS generated long NOPs with -Wa,-mtune=i686, but I found
this commit in Fedora:

commit 55a30785d463ecd9cc1fa0e4b384b9f8b93a370a
Author: Jeff Law <>
Date:   Mon Sep 24 09:25:31 2012 -0600

      - Remove most of fedora-nscd patch as we no longer use the
        old init files, but systemd instead.
      - Remove path-to-vi patch.  With the usr-move changes that
        patch is totally unnecessary.
      - Remove i686-nopl patch.  Gas was changed back in 2011 to
        avoid nopl.
      - Move gai-rfc1918 patch to submitted upstream status

And that re-instantiated the -Wa,-mtune=i686 options which were patched
out before.

We also didn't receive any complaints that Fedora 27 did not run on AMD
Geode, so glibc 2.26 at least was still okay.


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