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Re: [PATCH] Y2038: add function __clock_gettime64

On Wed, 19 Sep 2018, Albert ARIBAUD (3ADEV) wrote:

> This patch is part of the Y2038 patch series, which is available at
> <;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/aaribaud/y2038>.
> Warning: this branch may be rebased on current master and/or updated based on
> feedback from the list at any time.

This is the complete human-level description for this patch.  That's 
simply not enough; you need to say something more about the overall nature 
of the changes in the patch, not just what series it comes from.  (That 
is, discuss what functions are changing to use 64-bit times internally, 
with the time_t APIs becoming wrappers round them, when time_t is 32-bit, 
or aliases for them, when time_t is already 64-bit.  And as usual, 
describe the platforms on which testing was done.)

(The above paragraph, referencing a patch series that may be rebased, is 
not appropriate for inclusion in the commit message itself at all - it's 
reasonable for the patch email, as long as it's clear it's not part of the 
intended commit message, much like a description of changes between two 
versions of a patch also goes in a patch submission email but not the 
final commit message.  But commit messages need to make sense at any time 
in the future, and so can't rely on information from branches that are 
going to be rebased.)

Joseph S. Myers

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