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Re: [PATCH 2/2] soft-fp: ignore maybe-uninitialized

On Wed, 19 Sep 2018, Martin Jansa wrote:

> diff --git a/soft-fp/op-2.h b/soft-fp/op-2.h
> index 6020d663d4..6672337949 100644
> --- a/soft-fp/op-2.h
> +++ b/soft-fp/op-2.h
> @@ -92,6 +92,8 @@
>  	      X##_f1 = 0;						\
>  	    }))
> +#pragma GCC diagnostic push
> +#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wmaybe-uninitialized"

As soft-fp is shared with libgcc, it can't use the DIAG_* macros from 
libc-diag.h.  *But* the principle of needing detailed comments to justify 
any warning suppression remains.  Those comments would need to identify 
the warning in question, and why it is a false positive, and the most 
recent compiler version known to produce that false positive, and the 
suppression should probably be conditional on building with -O if it isn't 
needed with -O2 / -Os.

Rather than putting the suppression around a macro definition, I wonder 
about putting it at the place where the macros are used (s_fdiv.c, it 
appears from the warnings you quote).  That's what we do for the soft-fp 
implementations of fma, for example, and it would allow you to use the 
DIAG_* macros.  You'd need to add DIAG_IGNORE_O1_NEEDS_COMMENT like 
DIAG_IGNORE_Os_NEEDS_COMMENT to libc-diag.h, and then use it with an 
appropriate comment in s_fdiv.c (explaining the warning and why it is a 
false positive).

Joseph S. Myers

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