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Re: system and popen fail in case of big application

On Sep 12 2018, Adhemerval Zanella <> wrote:

>   - vfork would be supported on Linux not because its a good interface,
>     but rather than Linux policy is to not broke userspace in any case.
>     And it would be supported only on architectures that already provide
>     it, new ports do not automatically export vfork and they are not 
>     encouraged to do so. Currently ARC, alpha, s390, microblame, x86, sH,
>     powerpc, hexagen, parisc, m68k, arm, and aarch64 do so (and aarch64 
>     only if compat mode is enabled, a 64-bit kernel only won't have vfork
>     syscall). For remaining arches, glibc will just use a clone plus
>     required flags (CLONE_VM | CLONE_VFORK | SIGCHLD).

That doesn't make sense.  CLONE_VFORK *is* vfork in all matters, and
every architecture supports it.  It's nothing different from the fact
that there is no open syscall any more, because openat does the same
(and more).


Andreas Schwab, SUSE Labs,
GPG Key fingerprint = 0196 BAD8 1CE9 1970 F4BE  1748 E4D4 88E3 0EEA B9D7
"And now for something completely different."

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