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Re: Use to generate ulps table for manual


On Thu, 30 Aug 2018, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> > I'm sorry, I haven't seen the above followup(s) as I'm not on 
> > libc-alpha@ and Andreas is on vacation right now.  I think we've said 
> > all we had to say.  As engineers we can deal with most things (though 
> > I'd have expected this from new contributors to glibc as well), so 
> > we'll manage.  Just try to not use python modules that aren't in the 
> > base distro of python or require native code parts.
> Does your position represent that of SUSE?

Effectively, yes.  Though of course, for real official positions of a 
company I guess I'd need to ask our press officer :)  (The ones that will 
have most practical daytoday problems with including python in the 
bootstrap cycle aren't actually us, the toolchain team, but the build 
people and project managers trying to fit build schedules for their 
products; and of course the python packagers who then are under much 
stricter constraints in updating their package.  For them I only speak out 
of experience not because we have had large meetings about this topic.)

> Andreas is a project steward, and GNU project maintainer, so we still 
> need his input on this issue. We will need to wait for him to come back 
> and respond to this.

Yes, definitely.

> Lastly, your objection is recorded, and that you will not block 
> consensus on this issue e.g. "deal with most things." Thank you for your 
> input.

I will also reserve the right to say "haha, told you so!" five years from 
now when people start complaining ;-)

> > P.S: not looking forward to the helper scripts being rewritten into 
> > javascript 10 years from now because "it's more popular" ;-/
> Are you kidding? We'll have a native WebAssembly port by then. You'll 
> need a whole browser in the bootstrap ;-)

/me ogles musl  ;)


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