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[MIPS] hsdis need non-executable PT_GNU_STACK support

Hi all,

hsdis PrintLIRWithAssembly failed to work for mips64el after upgraded to jdk8u181-b13.

The root cause is the patch [MIPS] Enable non-executable PT_GNU_STACK support, contributed by Faraz in 2016 February, had not been merged by GCC toolchain upstream.

And Maciej also need to increase `MAJOR_VERSION` to check whether or not support IFUNC, unfortunately still not merged by upstream.

But I would apply the patch and rebuild gcc-8.1, binutils-gdb-2.30, glibc-2.27, to support Faraz, Joseph and Maciej :)

Thanks for your great job!

在 2018年08月14日 14:15, Florian Weimer 写道:
On 08/14/2018 04:08 AM, Leslie Zhai wrote:
But workaround for mips64el's PrintLIRWithAssembly is adding -Wl,-z,noexecstack linking flag, strangely X86 does *not* need such flag, so I am investigating the root cause.

MIPS soft-float apparently needs an executable stack:


This could be why the toolchain does not specify a non-executable stack by default.


Leslie Zhai

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