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Re: [PATCH] x86: Populate COMMON_CPUID_INDEX_80000001 for Intel CPUs [BZ #23459]

On 07/27/2018 09:43 AM, H.J. Lu wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 1:37 PM, Carlos O'Donell <> wrote:
>> On 07/26/2018 04:32 PM, H.J. Lu wrote:
>>> On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 1:05 PM, Carlos O'Donell <> wrote:
>>>> On 07/26/2018 02:07 PM, H.J. Lu wrote:
>>>>>       [BZ #23459]
>>>>>       * sysdeps/x86/cpu-features.c (get_extended_indeces): New
>>>>>       function.
>>>>>       (init_cpu_features): Call get_extended_indeces for both Intel
>>>>>       and AMD CPUs.
>>>>> ---
>>>> OK for 2.28 after you fix the indexes v.s indices issue.
>>>> Reviewed-by: Carlos O'Donell <>
>>> This is the patch I am checking in.
>> There are *many* incorrect spellings of indices too which you might
>> fix later ;-)
> I'd like to backport these 2 patches to all affected branches.

You can do that right away. Commits to stable can be backported to any
open stable branch so long as they don't have ABI/API implications.
Even if they changed the selected IFUNC it would still be OK.

You are free to cherry-pick as required. Please post your cherry-picks
to libc-stable and note that you're committing them to branch X, Y, and Z,
this way distros know what you're doing.


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