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Re: [PATCH] Fix C11 conformance issues

On Wed, 25 Jul 2018, Joseph Myers wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Jul 2018, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:
> > Checked on i686-linux-gnu and i686-gnu.
> > 
> > 	* include/threads.h: Move to ...
> > 	* sysdeps/nptl/threads.h: ... here.
> > 	* sysdeps/htl/threads.h: New file.
> To confirm: nptl/threads.h, not the wrapper you're moving, still gets 
> correctly installed as threads.h after this patch, while it remains the 
> case that no threads.h is installed for Hurd?

I tested a build as of commit 08ac6bed146c0546d63163ac0d42c9a35880412d.  
This patch has resulted in the wrong threads.h being installed, i.e. 
usr/include/threads.h is now the wrapper that just does #include 
<nptl/threads.h>, which obviously won't work for an installed header.

I think you need to put the real threads.h header in sysdeps/nptl/, not 
the wrapper (with a view to the Hurd work moving both the header, and the 
C11 threads implementation and tests, to sysdeps/pthread/ or some such 
shared location).

Joseph S. Myers

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