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Re: [PATCH v2 00/12] RISC-V glibc port for the 32 bit

On Mon, 16 Jul 2018 22:07:46 PDT (-0700), wrote:
This patch set contains the glibc port for the 32 bit RISC-V. I ran the glibc
test suite on QEMU, and remained the failed cases which caused by environment
issue like 64 bit glibc port. In addition, there are some math test cases
need to be checked but it looks unlike glibc's problem.

There is a patch to fix the ld flags issue of, it
cause the fail on some test cases on RISC-V. In the v1 patch, I don't include
this patch into patch set, in v2, I collect all patches together.

There is a patch to add lack of implementation of 128 bit for soft-fp, these
are necessary for building 32 bit RISC-V port.

Thanks everyone for the help and Palmer's efforts during this work.

Change in V2:
 - Only include the ieee754/soft-fp path in rv32/nofpu/Implies.
 - Add lack of implementation for 128 bit in soft-ft/op-8.h.
 - Include the patch which fix the ld flags of
 - Add the modification of URL of gcc's tarball.

Zong Li (12):
  Documentation for the 32 bit RISC-V port
  RISC-V: Add dynamic loader for the 32 bit
  RISC-V: Add path of library directories for the 32 bit
  RISC-V: The ABI implementation for the 32-bit
  RISC-V: Hard float support for the 32 bit
  RISC-V: Split the soft-fp into rv32 and rv64
  RISC-V: Add ABI lists
  RISC-V: Build Infastructure for the 32 bit
  Add 32 bit RISC-V to
  soft-fp: Add the lack of implementation for 128 bit
  Fix the ld flags not be applied to
  Change URL of gcc's tarball

Thanks for doing this Zong. I don't think there's anything major in the patch set, the bigger issues are externally. As it's been pointed out, the Linux ABI is still a bit mushy and I don't there's nearly enough time to get everything in shape for the glibc release, which if I understand correctly is still targeted for early in August.

I think we should focus on ensuring this release is sane in RV64 land, and then add the RV32 port after the release so it has a whole cycle to calm down.

Thanks for doing all this work. If you'd like I can take the patches from here and deal with things like cleaning up the Linux ABI and the test suites, but if you have time then feel free.

Thanks, again!

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