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Re: [PATCH] conform/ Escape literal braces in regular expressions

On Wed, 18 Jul 2018, Florian Weimer wrote:

> * Joseph Myers:
> > I support the idea of moving the various functionality using perl to 
> > python (this is not volunteering to rewrite it all, though if we had 
> > consensus for such a change I might well end up doing it for the math/ and 
> > conform/ pieces).
> Can we assume that Python 3 is available?

My assumption is that if we require Python for the build, it would allow 
at least any non-EOL version, so 2.7 or 3.4 or later (but as of 
2020-01-01, everything before 3.5 will be EOL).  The existing configure 
test makes no version checks (and makefile code can't readily express a 
condition for a particular test etc. on any more restricted choice of 
version), and install.texi says "Python 2.7.6/3.4.3 or later" for the 
optional uses; 
says "Require python-2.7, but be compatible with python-3.2+".

Scripts not used directly from normal build / test, only for other 
purposes in development, of course already often require Python 3 (all of 
the unicode-gen code, and do so, 
and quite likely other such code).  It's only code that might end up used 
by "make" and "make check" for which greater portability may be a concern.

Joseph S. Myers

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