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Re: [PATCH] conform/ Escape literal braces in regular expressions

On Wed, 18 Jul 2018, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> I am strongly in favour of migrating perl or awk scripts to python and shell.

For the perl scripts, they are already optional in the build (albeit 
needed to build the manual), so that's a matter of replacing one tool used 
optionally with another.

For the awk scripts, while I'd certainly prefer to maintain such scripts 
in python, many such scripts are also required for the build, and if 
you're adding a new required build dependency, that needs considering much 
more carefully.  (I wouldn't consider there to be such an issue with awk 
scripts used only in individual testcases, even though moving those to 
Python would replace always-supported tests with ones that have a new 

It's entirely possible the new dependency is actually theoretical, in that 
if a broad enough range of python versions is allowed, no-one is actually 
building glibc on a system without python.

Joseph S. Myers

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