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Re: V2: [PATCH 02/24] x86: Support shadow stack pointer in setjmp/longjmp

* H. J. Lu:

>> We currently have this (as of commit
>> faaee1f07ed25b2779bfd935ffb29f431b80d6d3):
>> ==> sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86/jmp_buf-ssp.sym <==
>> #include <setjmpP.h>
>> #undef __saved_mask
>> --
>> SHADOW_STACK_POINTER_OFFSET offsetof(struct __jmp_buf_tag,
>> __saved_mask.__saved.__shadow_stack_pointer)
>> ==> sysdeps/x86/jmp_buf-ssp.sym <==
>> -- FIXME: Define SHADOW_STACK_POINTER_OFFSET to support shadow stack.
>> So SHADOW_STACK_POINTER_OFFSET is defined unconditionally.  I don't
>> see how the quoted patch changes that.
>> Making sure that rdssp is only assembled with --enable-cet looks like
>> the right solution, but you need something like #if ENABLE_CET, and
>> not depend on SHADOW_STACK_POINTER_OFFSET being defined.
> Take sysdeps/x86_64/setjmp.S as example:
> /* Don't save shadow stack register if shadow stack isn't enabled.  */
> #endif
> .....
> Shadow stack pointer is saved/restored only if --enable-cet is used to
> configure glibc.   If you compile glibc with -fcf-protection, but without
> configuring glibc with --enable-cet, result is undefined.

That doesn't work because <jmp_buf-ssp.h> is included after the
#undef.  I think you can avoid that by using #if SHTSTK_ENABLED
instead of #ifdef SHADOW_STACK_POINTER_OFFSET, which also expresses
the intent more accurately.

> BTW, it passed

With binutils 2.28?

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