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Re: [PATCH] Implement --tool=strace, --tool=valgrind

On 06/30/2018 10:23 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
On Sat, 30 Jun 2018, Florian Weimer wrote:

$(file …) appears to be the only convenient way to create files
with newlines and make substitution variables.  This needs make 4.0
(released in 2013), so update the requirement to match.

An increase in make version required needs an entry in the "Changes to
build and runtime requirements" section of NEWS for the release with the

Okay. But first, we need to decide if we want this change, and if it is sufficient justification to bump the make requirement (although newer GNU make is also quite a bit faster at building glibc, it seems).

$(file …) could also be used to avoid passing down parameters to shell scripts in various tests, I expected. The shell scripts themselves could be generated from makefile fragments instead, or a file which could be sourced by them. This would avoid the confusion positional parameter refers to which makefile variable in the shell script.


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