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Re: math/test-tgmath3 test case size...

On Fri, 16 Feb 2018, DJ Delorie wrote:

> > It could easily enough be split up by function (list the functions in the 
> > makefile, generate a .c file for each function, include a test that 
> > verifies that the list of functions in the makefile does match the list in 
> > the script itself of functions for which it can generate tests).  Tests of 
> > fma make up nearly a third of the total, however (since that has the most 
> > type-generic arguments).
> Could the generating script take a parameter N that says "emit every Nth
> function" and just generate, say, 10 files?  I.e. run "./generate 1
> test-tgmath3-1.c" then "./generate 2 test-tgmath3-2.c" etc ?

You'd be effectively generating all the tests 10 times and throwing most 
of them away every time (though since the script takes under a second to 
run, that may not be too much of a problem), whereas when generating 73 
files, one for each of the 73 macros being tested, you could easily make not do the work for the 72 macros it's not been asked 
to generate tests for.  (Also, I'd rather that test names are meaningfully 
stable rather than having test-tgmath3-1 mean something completely 
different every time something about this test changes - though in this 
case, either all of test-tgmath3 should pass, or there should be lots of 
failures if there's been a buggy change to tgmath.h.)

Joseph S. Myers

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