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Re: [PATCH] manual: Document the standardized scanf flag, "m". [BZ #16376]

On 02/08/2018 10:42 AM, Paul Eggert wrote:
> On 02/07/2018 12:46 AM, Andreas Schwab wrote:
>> IMHO the "a" modifier should be marked as deprecated, since it conflicts
>> with the %a format.  I think it would be enough to mention it in a
>> paragraph, but nowhere else.
> Agreed. Also, I suggest modifying the NEWS entry for glibc 1.06 that
> talks about the newly-introduced "a" modifier, so that it briefly
> mentions that the modifier is deprecated after glibc 2.28.

I've submitted a v3 that doesn't update NEWS yet because Zack started
addressing actual deprecation of the "a" modifier, but it isn't entirely
clear yet (at least to me) what that will look like when it's done.  I
think it may be more appropriate to update the deprecation section of
NEWS for 2.28 when/if that goes in, though I could put a stub in to the
effect of, "The GNU extension scanf modifier "a" has been [documented
as] deprecated."  I'm not sure if it's appropriate to say it /has been/
deprecated just because of the manual, though perhaps that is enough;
putting a NEWS entry there is essentially the formal announcement, I
suppose.  I don't think retroactively editing the 1.06 announcement is
the way to go (I would rather just announce it in 2.28), but if others
agree that's fine/desirable, I can change my mind about that.  :)


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