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Re: Question: more languages to support alternative month names?

15.02.2018 22:30 Carlos O'Donell <> wrote:
> [...]
> You can do either option depending on how much free time you have.

Updating locales is really a minor part of the task, especially
since I've had them prepared and waiting for approval from the
language communities for about 1 year now.  Approaching applications
and libraries and patching them to use "%OB" is the really hard part.
So now the locales depend on the actual native speakers.

Currently I'm talking to Catalan translators and it seems that
they want this update already. [1]

> Fedora *routinely* imports upstream release branches.
> For example Fedora 28 will be based on glibc 2.27, and over the
> 6 months of support for Fedora 28 it will be updated routinely
> from upstream release/2.27/master to pull in the latest fixes.
> There are other distributions doing much the same, and I know Debian
> probably also rebases on releases branches.

That's very good news.  I was concerned that either they will have
to wait another 6 months for glibc 2.28 release or they will update
the translations (in their case this means removal of "de" before
the month name, everywhere) and then their applications will run
on some systems with vanilla glibc 2.27.0, some with patched or
partially patched glibc, some on even older glibc.

> So you can do either.
> As the localedata subsystem maintainer you can commit the fixes to
> master and cherry-pick into 2.27 release branch immediately after.

This is what I will do, of course when the patch is ready, reviewed,
etc.  Also if possible I will try to update Asturian and Walloon
because their grammatical rules seem to be similar.

Thank you for your answers.




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