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Re: Question: more languages to support alternative month names?

On 02/12/2018 05:45 PM, Rafal Luzynski wrote:
> Hi,
> Bug 10871 has been fixed and any language and any application can have
> a choice between two grammatical cases of the month names.  But having
> a choice does not mean actually using it.  I had only little more
> than one week between accepting the change by the community and the final
> release date so I was unable to contact every language community to
> ask about their opinion.  Only 7 languages have been fixed so far while
> I have identified about 20 probably needing an update.  4 out of them
> probably don't want two grammatical cases.  There are ~9 more languages
> who I'm contacting only now.  It seems to me that at least few of them
> will want this change.  So my question is: if they agree how to provide
> them the change:
> * push the change to master and tell them that they have to wait
>   for glibc 2.28?
> * push the change both to 2.27 and 2.28?
> The first choice seems reasonable to me.  Those 7 fixed languages
> have relatively large number of native speakers and the impact of the
> bug was rather large.  Other languages either have low number of
> speakers and it's difficult to find people actually using them with
> computers or do not consider using an incorrect case as a language
> error or have working or almost working workarounds.  So I think
> it's OK for them to wait a little more.
> Also, if we backport a change to a stable 2.27 release it is not
> obvious to me if the distributions actually apply the upstream
> patches to their binaries. What are your experiences?

You can do either option depending on how much free time you have.

Fedora *routinely* imports upstream release branches.

For example Fedora 28 will be based on glibc 2.27, and over the
6 months of support for Fedora 28 it will be updated routinely
from upstream release/2.27/master to pull in the latest fixes.

There are other distributions doing much the same, and I know Debian
probably also rebases on releases branches.

So you can do either.

As the localedata subsystem maintainer you can commit the fixes to
master and cherry-pick into 2.27 release branch immediately after.


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