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Re: Multiarch interpreter names for traditional architectures

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 9:56 AM, Javier Serrano Polo <> wrote:
> El dv 09 de 02 de 2018 a les 14:34 +0000, Joseph Myers va escriure:
>> I think your present advocacy is an effective argument *against* any
>> additions to multiarch support in the GNU toolchain.
> My ability to implement multiarch solutions, just like I did in the
> past, is an argument in favor. Your inability to provide interpreter
> names that solve file conflicts in multiarch systems is a proof of your
> competence about this matter.

Both of these statements are pushing the boundary between technical
debate and personal attacks. Please take a step back, both of you, and
calm down a little.

It is true that the ELF psABI for x86-64/linux/glibc specifies
/lib64/ as the mandatory name of the program
interpreter, but that doesn't have to be set in stone forever.
Changes are difficult and have to be carefully staged, but I don't see
that it's on the level of, oh, changing's SONAME.  It seems
more like merging / and /usr, which is a thing at least some groups
are actively working on.


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