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Re: [PATCH v8 1/8] nptl: Add C11 threads thrd_* functions

I have only a few, minor comments.

On Fri, 02 Feb 2018, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:

>-/* We do not support C11 <threads.h>.  */
>-#define __STDC_NO_THREADS__		1

I don't know if that actually matters, but should you wait until the other
patches in this series (at least patch 2) are in before removing this

>+thrd_sleep (const struct timespec* time_point, struct timespec* remaining)
>+  /* It calls the syscalls directly to avoid cancellable version.  */
>+  int ret = INTERNAL_SYSCALL_CALL (nanosleep, err, time_point, remaining);
>+  if (INTERNAL_SYSCALL_ERROR_P (ret, err))
>+    {
>+      /* C11 states thrd_sleep function returns -1 if it has been interrupted
>+         by a signal, or a negative value if it fails.  */
This hunk did not apply with git am, because there are more than 8 spaces.

>+/* Detach the thread identified by __THR from the current environment
>+   (tt does not allow join or wait for it).  */
Did you mean "it"?  Or is "tt" something else that I did not understand.

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