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Re: Found an regression in a glibc commit with steam provided mono runtime

On 05/01/2018 14:44, Tom Englund wrote:
> Hi after discussing it a bit on #glibc on freenode i thought i should
> shed some light on an regression ive found with a glibc commit so you
> guys know about it, f81ddabffd76ac9dd600b02adbf3e1dac4bb10ec this
> commit makes steam games like Cities: skyline, Plague inc: evolved,
> Kerbal Space Program and such using mono crash rather immediately with
> "2double free or corruption (out)" , i have tried stracing it but it
> yielded not much more info then this,
> the strace is shortened down to the very last lines where the error happends.
> keep in mind tho that the games provide their own mono runtime that
> are more or less very old, and it might already be fixed in upstream
> mono. and these games runs fine once i stepdown a commit to
> 1a49fc59e42513247eaeac3feac6b099157eea7c
> with my very basic knowledge all that commit seems todo is change some
> glibc internals, and if nothing else i will just simply make a steam
> bugzilla/bugtracker report and maybe mono bugtracker report once glibc
> releases a version including this commit.

Thanks for bring this up and we are already aware of this issue, which 
lead to commit to revert the change [1] (2.27 should not have this
regression). H.J. Lu also posted an updated version [2] of the reverted
patch, so if you could check if does not regress on the mentioned
programs it would be helpful. 


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