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Re: Multiarch interpreter names for traditional architectures

El dl 05 de 02 de 2018 a les 09:07 -0200, Adhemerval Zanella va
> My understanding is the names were defined back then without the idea to
> have incompatible ABI to share a common filesystem (which is possible now
> through emulation) and as Florian put changing them now is ABI break which
> although fixable by user (through relink to adjust INTERP section) is not
> an option imho.

It is an option to look for an alternative interpreter, but I would
rather use /lib/alpha-linux-gnu/ instead
of /usr/gnemul/qemu-alpha/lib/

> Also, I think Andreas questioning is why emulator has not been configured
> to look into sysroot/lib/ instead of /lib/. 

I make this amendment:

What happens today on your systems:

     1. Kernel starts the alpha emulator.
     2. The emulator looks for /lib/
     3. User has configured the emulator to redirect all file operations
        to sysroot/lib/
     4. The program runs, but the path /lib/ will not work
        as expected.

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