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Re: [PATCH] i386: Increase MALLOC_ALIGNMENT to 16 [BZ #21120]

On 06/29/2017 01:30 PM, H.J. Lu wrote:
> GCC 7 changed the definition of max_align_t on i386:
> As a result, glibc malloc no longer returns memory blocks which are as
> aligned as max_align_t requires.
> This causes malloc/tst-malloc-thread-fail to fail with an error like this
> one:
> error: allocation function 0, size 144 not aligned to 16
> This patch increases the malloc alignment to 16 for i386.
> Tested on i386 with GCC 7 and on x86-64.  OK for master?
> H.J.
> ---
> 	[BZ #21120]
> 	* sysdeps/generic/malloc-alignment.h: New file.
> 	* sysdeps/i386/malloc-alignment.h: Likewise.
> 	* sysdeps/generic/malloc-machine.h: Include <malloc-alignment.h>.

Please use malloc-machine.h which was the previous header that provided
machine-dependent malloc definitions. That way we remain consistent across
releases and make it easier to backport such changes without adding a new

OK with that change.


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