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Re: time unit in bench-skeleton

On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 8:07 PM, Siddhesh Poyarekar <> wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 June 2017 08:33 PM, Victor Rodriguez wrote:
>> Thanks a lot, one more question, I was checking the src of the tests
>> and as far as i understand the benchmarks are running against the
>> installed Glibc right ? not the recently compiled. Am I right?
> If you run the benchmarks as is, they will run by default against the
> installed glibc.  The 'make bench' target invokes the benchmarks with
> the built dynamic linker, so the benchmark then runs against the built
> glibc.  You can invoke them manually using the script in the
> build directory so that they run against the built glibc.
> Siddhesh

Yes,  at the end i decided to use the binaries form Fedora:

Now the test has been uploaded to phoronix and everyone can run it :

I limit the execution to just few test, if you want me to enable more
or you see I'm committing a mistake, please let me know

Is possible to execute with phoronix installed and just

# phoronix-test-suite run pts/glibc-bench



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