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[RFC][PATCH v8 00/16][BZ 10871] Month names in alternative (nominative/genitive) case

This is almost complete repost of my patches.  The previous series was
posted on May 29. [1]  There are not many changes in this set, mostly it
is rebase against the current master and applying some recent changes
like using locale_t instead of __locale_t [2].

This series also includes the backward compatibility features although
Zack suggested to remove them. [3]  Feel free to skip the patches 2, 3,
6, 7, and 10 in this series.  My humble opinion is that these patches
should be skipped.

Also this series does not include the localedata import containing the
alternative month names.  This import is not a part of this bugfix but
it is needed in order to see any difference at all.  Also the locale
data have been posted before and have not changed since then.  The last
post in this series will provide links.

As always, documentation is missing because I'd like to hear first that
the code (and which version of it) is acceptable.

You can find more info in bugzilla [4] and in my github repo [5].




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