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Re: Writing tests using Python

>On 06/26/2017 01:38 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
>> We currently have pretty-printers tests and benchmarks using Python.
>> Would people consider it reasonable to have other tests using Python
>> (appropriately conditioned in the Makefiles, of course)?
>> I'm thinking of writing more thorough tgmath.h tests using a Python
>> to generate the C tests, with the output not being checked in, with a
>> to then adding _Float128 support to the generator when adding it to
>> tgmath.h.  Let's assume version requirements are no stricter than those
>> documented for the pretty-printers tests, so the code works with both
>> Python 2 and 3.)
>Using Python for generating tests seems fine to me.
>I would be wary of using Python extension modules to write tests
>directly in Python, though, mainly because of the overhead of porting to
>other Python versions, and the knowledge for writing C extension modules
>is a bit off the beaten path for us at least.

+1 actually I was just about to send the mail as RFC for an automation for
benchmarks/tests in order to be used as CI systems with python. The idea
for me is to track the performance/quality of each new commit/release
easily and share with others

Python looks good to me :)


Victor Rodriguez

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