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Re: [PATCH] tunables: Add IFUNC selection and cache sizes

On Wednesday 21 June 2017 05:55 PM, H.J. Lu wrote:
>> Why do you need these to be inherited by children of setuid processes?
>> If not, then you should remove the SXID_IGNORE and let the default (i.e.
>> SXID_ERASE) prevail so that setuid processes and their children do not
>> see these tunables.
> I want to be conservative.  The default ones should be good for 99.9%
> of applications.

The conservative (in terms of security) should be the default, i.e.
disallow envvars to be read across setxid boundaries.  If an escalation
of privileges is required, there should be a specifically stated reason
to do so.  The current envvars need a thorough analysis too to figure
out if they need to be read across setxid boundaries.

>> Also you've specified these as size_t but the values seem to get stored
>> in long int.  Please fix them.
> tunables supports:
> There is no long and on x86, long == size_t:
> [hjl@gnu-tools-1 tmp]$ cat f.c
> #include <unistd.h>
> int x [(sizeof (size_t) == sizeof (long)) ? 1 : -1];
> [hjl@gnu-tools-1 tmp]$ gcc -S f.c -m64
> [hjl@gnu-tools-1 tmp]$ gcc -S f.c -m32
> [hjl@gnu-tools-1 tmp]$ gcc -S f.c -mx32
> [hjl@gnu-tools-1 tmp]$

Sure, but one is signed and the other isn't, which messes with
validation of the tunable.  If long is what you need, you could add
ssize_t, but I don't see why the sizes should be negative.  It seems
like instead of making the tunables signed, you should be making the
caches unsigned.

> On x86, there are CPU features, like SSE, AVX, ... and ARCH features,
> like slow bsf.  X86 tunables allow users to disable AVX and slow bsf.
> They don't change any CPU names.

Ah OK then you're right, all of those should be hwcaps too and go into
x86 - I thought you were suggesting something like the mtune options,
i.e. corei7.  I'll add the glibc.tune.cpu myself.

>> Since #name is going to be a constant stirng, you could just use the
>> is_name from dl-tunables.c.  Just pull it out into dl-tunables.h as a
>> static inline.
> memcmp is used elsewhere in and it is much faster than
> is_name in dl-tunables.c.  I prefer to keep memcmp here.

Fair enough.


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