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Whole system benchmarking (Was: Improve math benchmark infrastructure)

On Tuesday 20 June 2017 01:46 AM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> There are similarities between this and what DJ and the Red Hat glibc
> team did for malloc tracing.
> We hope to have this merged soon, but were blocked by the recent
> CVE work.
> One thing that was suggested at LPC2016 was that we could do better
> at trace capture time, perhaps getting a histogram of cache behaviour
> and then trying to emulate that same density function in the
> whole-system benchmark.

That sounds interesting.  What's the plan for the implementation?  Is it
planned to be part of benchtests or is it going to be a separate project
like we had discussed a couple of years ago?

> Our page touch algorithm in the malloc simulator was too naive and
> real access patterns might have drastic consequences on behaviour.
> So I think maybe we'll be able to leverage the simulator we have a
> bit more in the coming year to do more detailed modelling of a
> workload.

Sorry I've lost track of this again, but what's up with DJ's malloc patch?


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