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Re: [PATCH] gconv: Replace norm_add_slashes with __gconv_norm_add_slashes

On 06/19/2017 11:38 PM, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:

> I think this is a good candidate for char_array usage [1]:
> #include <malloc/char_array-skeleton.c>
> […]

Hmm, I'll review your latest char_array patch, then.  But if we have
multiple users, we should think about out-lining more of the code.

I believe Arjun may also need a variant of this function
(norm_add_slashes) for his iconv -c fix.

>> +		      if (charset == NULL || outcharset == NULL)
>> +			{
>> +			  free ((char *) encoding);
> No need to cast on free.

encoding is a const char *.

> In fact these seems another place where a char_array could find some use
> to avoid all the boilerplate of managing buffers size to appendages and
> buffer management (and we could get some speed up by using the stack as
> well).

But we can realistically make such far-reaching changes only after
eliminating the conditional compilation, and that's not something I want
to do in this patch.


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