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Re: RISC-V glibc Port v1

On Wed, 14 Jun 2017 13:14:22 PDT (-0700), wrote:
> General observations, to be addressed globally for the patch series:
> * All new files should have a descriptive comment on their first line,
> before the copyright notice.
> * All copyright notices should use a single range of years, <year>-2017,
> assuming the first year is no earlier than 1990.
> * No "Contributed by" notices in any new files.
> * All license notices should have a URL, not an old FSF postal address.

OK, I'll change those for the v2.

> * Please include changes to to make it build glibc
> for all the supported ABI variants (I think from this patch series there
> are six different mutually incompatible ABI variants supported?).  Make
> sure that, if you use your patched Linux kernel sources, all six variants,
> as built with, both build cleanly and produce clean
> results for the compilation parts of the glibc testsuite, with both GCC 7
> and current GCC trunk.  (For variations that are instruction set variants
> rather than ABI variants, it's at your discretion whether it's useful to
> build glibc for such variants as well; that depends on whether doing so
> covers significant extra code in glibc that would not otherwise be built.)

RISC-V is a modular ISA, and as such there are many ISA variants.  The actual
number is the Cartesian product of:

 * RV32I, RV64I: base ISA, which defines the length of GP registers (which we
   call XLEN).
 * M or no-M: multiply support or not.
 * A or no-A: atomic instruction support or not.
 * none, F, or D: the floating-point format supported, either none, single or
 * C or no-C: compressed instructions support or not.

In addition to the ISA variants, we support soft, single-hard, and double-hard
float ABIs on any ISA that includes the required floating-point registers.

In order to avoid building this huge number of ISA variants we only actively
support and test the following configurations


for glibc.  I'll add those to the build script, and verify they build with the
relevant GCC versions.

> * Also include details of the full testsuite results, including execution
> tests (which can't run), for all ABI variants again,
> in the next submission of the port.

We've just been running the GCC test suite.  I'll take a shot at running the
glibc test suite as well.


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