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Re: [PATCH] Patch 2 of 2 for ILP32 aarch64

Szabolcs Nagy <> writes:

>> FAIL: malloc/tst-dynarray-fail
> timeout, cannot reproduce it now so it may be spurious error.

For the timeouts, please try running the tests with a generous
TIMEOUTFACTOR.  Hopefully, most tests honor that.

>> FAIL: math/test-double-finite-lrint
>> FAIL: math/test-double-finite-lround
>> FAIL: math/test-double-lrint
>> FAIL: math/test-double-lround
>> FAIL: math/test-float-finite-lrint
>> FAIL: math/test-float-finite-lround
>> FAIL: math/test-float-lrint
>> FAIL: math/test-float-lround
> things like
> Failure: lrint (0x1p31): Exception "Invalid operation" not set
> Failure: lrint (0x1p32): Exception "Invalid operation" not set
> i guess it's x vs w reg in the inline asm code

So this needs more investigation and might be an actual bug?

>> FAIL: nptl/tst-initializers1
>> FAIL: nptl/tst-initializers1-c11
>> FAIL: nptl/tst-initializers1-c89
>> FAIL: nptl/tst-initializers1-c99
>> FAIL: nptl/tst-initializers1-gnu11
>> FAIL: nptl/tst-initializers1-gnu89
>> FAIL: nptl/tst-initializers1-gnu99
> fails at
> if (rwl_writer.__data.__flags

That looks like it would need fixing.

>> FAIL: nptl/tst-stack4
> segfault

That's an architecture-independent issue.

>> FAIL: nss/bug17079
> info: 10 test items
> Timed out: killed the child process
>> FAIL: posix/tst-mmap-offset
> error: tst-mmap-offset.c:65: ftruncate64 failed
> error: 1 test failures

That looks very much like a genuine bug, unless there's some external
restriction on file size in the test environment.

Maybe add this change to the test and try again?

-    FAIL_RET ("ftruncate64 failed");
+    FAIL_RET ("ftruncate64 failed: %m");

>> FAIL: stdlib/tst-makecontext3
> making contexts
> start f1(a00=00000001,a01=00000004,a02=00000012,a03=00000048,
>          a04=00000123,a05=0000048d,a06=00001234,a07=000048d1,
>          a08=00012345,a09=00123456,a10=01234567,a11=12345678,
>          a12=23456789,a13=3456789a,a14=456789ab,a15=56789abc,
>          a16=6789abcd,a17=789abcde,a18=89abcdef,a19=9abcdef0,
>          a20=abcdef0f,a21=00000000,a22=00000000,a23=00400b14,
>          a24=00000000,a25=00000000,a26=00400aec,a27=00000000,
>          a28=00000000,a29=da721e98,a30=c174bda8,a31=004005b0,
>          a32=ffffffff) [0]
> arg mismatch
> program did not reach main again

Looks like a genuine bug, too.


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