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Re: [PATCH v3 2/2] float128: Add strfromf128, strtof128, and wcstof128 to the manual

On Thu, 8 Jun 2017, Rical Jasan wrote:

> > +Currently, support for @code{_Float@var{N}} or @code{_Float@var{N}x}
> > +types is not provided for any machine.
> This is dated already, and it's not even out-of-date.  Can anybody think
> of a decent way to keep it up-to-date?  "@c FIXME SOMEDAY" (perhaps with
> a liberal dose of exclamation points)?  I'm torn, because actually
> dating it (putting the year in there or something) is still prone to the
> same problem, but could help readers in 20 years recognize it as
> possibly no longer true.

The point is that each patch enabling the support for a new architecture 
(or a new type on an existing architecture) would update that section (as 
well as the NEWS file) - no other sections should need to duplicate that 
information.  That's Gabriel's patches for powerpc64le, which I expect to 
follow up by enabling the support for x86_64 and x86 (and probably with 
such a patch for ia64, though with compile-only testing).  And later I 
expect to implement support for _FloatN / _FloatNx where they are 
ABI-aliases of existing types (for all applicable architectures at the 
same time for each such type).  (I think the only other vaguely plausible 
case of support for such types in glibc would be _Float16 support, but I'm 
not aware of any work on that.)

Joseph S. Myers

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