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Re: RFC: Shadow Stack support in glibc

On 06/08/2017 01:00 AM, Yu-cheng Yu wrote:
> clone:
> The child's shadow stack can be copied on access, similar to
> copy-on-write of a regular memory page.  A shadow stack PTE has to be
> dirty and read-only.  When a task is cloned, the kernel makes shadow
> stack PTEs clean until they are accessed again.  At that time, a copy is
> made.

There are clone modes which do not duplicate the address space, and the
caller supplies a stack allocation.  Surely this new stack needs a
shadow stack stored somewhere, too?

> sigaltstack:
> When the kernel gets the sigaltstack syscall, it allocates a
> shadow_sigaltstack and records the pointer in the task header (similar
> to the existing sigaltstack pointer).  If there is another sigaltstack
> syscall, the kernel frees the previous shadow_sigaltstack; else, the
> shadow_sigaltstack is freed upon task exit.

Interesting.  Is the allocated shadow stack visible from user space?
How it is sized?

> pthread_attr_xxx:
> Since shadow stack stores only return pointers, it is not affected by
> the address/size of the program stack.

See Szabolcs' question.


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