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Re: [PATCH v2 7/9] float128: Add strfromf128, strtof128, and wcstof128 to the manual

On Fri, 2 Jun 2017, Gabriel F. T. Gomes wrote:

> +The @code{wcstod}, @code{wcstof}, @code{wcstol}, @code{wcstof}@var{N},
> +and @code{wcstof}@var{N}@code{x} functions are equivalent in nearly all
> +aspect to the @code{strtod}, @code{strtof}, @code{strtold},
> +@code{strtof}@var{N}, and @code{strtof}@var{N}@code{x} functions but
> +they handle wide character string.

In all four places, @var{N} should be inside @code{} as it's part of the 
function name.  "strings" not "string".

> +The @code{wcstof}@var{N} and @code{wcstof}@var{N}@code{x} functions are


> +On some machines, @theglibc{} also provides @code{_Float}@var{N} and
> +@code{_Float}@var{N}@code{x} types.  These types are defined in
> +@w{ISO/IEC 18661-3}, which extends @w{ISO C} and defines floating-point
> +types tha are not machine-dependent.  When such a type, e.g.

tha -> that

> +@code{_Float128}, is supported by @theglibc{}, extra variants for most
> +of the mathematical functions provided for @code{double}, @code{float},
> +and @code{lond double} are also provided for the supported type.

lond -> long

> +Currently, support for @code{_Float}@var{N} or
> +@code{_Float}@var{N}@code{x} types is not provided for any machine.

Inside @code again (e.g. @code{_Float@var{N}x}).

Joseph S. Myers

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