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check-local-headers versus Debian-style multiarch

check-local-headers ignores headers found in a subdirectory of
/usr/include whose name has the form of a config.sub triple
(specifically, /usr/include/(.*-.*-.*|.*-.*)/) This appears to have
been originally added to the script in 2012 by Dave Miller, with the
comment "Fix on multiarch systems." The variant
with only one dash was added by Samuel Thibault with the comment "Add
more hurd exception to local headers list".

This is problematic for Debian-style multiarch, which I just tripped
over in the form of -- in that
environment, /usr/include and /usr/include/$(canonical_host) are
independent include search path entries, so, for instance, a header
/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/syscall.h will satisfy #include
<bits/syscall.h>, but we don't want it to in a glibc build.

I'm tempted to take this back out, but before I do, was/is there
another multiarch arrangement where people would be expected to write
things like #include <i686-pc/bits/syscall.h>?  Or is that normal for
some headers on the Hurd?  It's unfortunate that we cannot determine
the name actually used in #include from a .d file.


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