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Re: [PATCH] powerpc: Remove unintended __longjmp export

Florian Weimer <> writes:

> Due to an accident, we export __longjmp under a public symbol version 
> for the powerpc32/fpu configuration.
> __longjmp is declared as hidden for internal use.  This means that any 
> reference to this symbol (of which there aren't any right now in 
> will cause the symbol to turn unexported.  The reason is that 
> the linker does not distinguish between hidden definitions and 
> references.  GCC emits a .hidden directive in the __longjmp-referencing 
> translation unit, and this kills the .symver-based export.
> I propose the removal of the __longjmp export as the simplest fix. 
> __longjmp is in the implementation namespace and is not used in a public 
> header.  As a result, nothing out there should reference it.
> If this is not acceptable, I'll come up with different approach to 
> address this.  But I prefer to address this issue in this way.
> Tested on a powerpc32/fpu configuration with no regressions.

Makes sense to me too.

Tulio Magno

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