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Re: [PATCH v3] Remove defines to builtins in string2.h

Florian Weimer wrote:    
> On 11/22/2016 10:15 PM, Wilco Dijkstra wrote:
> > Yes there is overlap with this patch:
> > (a previous version of that was posted back in February...). This particular
> > change could be rolled back into the original strchr patch to avoid this conflict.
> Please consolidate the two into a single patch, and make sure it applies 
> before resubmitting it.
> We really should test this patch on x86 and s390.

Unfortunately it looks like it'll need my strsep and strtok patches too, ie. it'll become a
huge patch with many diffs in GLIBC, so testing it causes no unexpected changes on
several targets would become a huge amount of work.

So I think it's better to remove all these defines in one go in a way that causes no diffs.
We could either do that after finishing dealing with all the string2.h optimizations (ie. after
committing my various oustanding patches) or as a separate patch that we commit
before making any changes to the current optimizations in string2.h (I don't believe
any of the _HAVE_STRING_ARCH_xxx are ever defined while building GLIBC).



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