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Re: Add script to build many glibc configurations

On Wed, 2016-11-09 at 16:27 +0000, Joseph Myers wrote:
> This patch adds a Python (3.5 or later) script to build many
> different
> configurations of glibc, including building the required cross
> compilers first.  It's not intended to change any patch testing
> requirements, although some people may wish to use it for high-risk
> patches such as adding warning options (and it can also be used to
> test building, including compiling tests, for an individual
> configuration, if e.g. you wish to do such a compilation test of a
> patch for an architecture it touches).

Joseph, it appears that when building the cross compilers, there is no
way to restrict that to just the compilers for certain targets.  Is
that correct?  On one hand I can understand that, since that gives you
the maximum flexibility in what glibc libraries to build later but on
the other hand, that is a lot of cross-compilers.  I could see people
using this script to test the build of a particular platform that they
don't have access to as well as for testing multiple builds.  What do
you think about allowing a list of targets on the compilers build?

Steve Ellcey

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