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Re: Alternative libio vtable hardening approach

On 31 May 2016 15:07, Florian Weimer wrote:
> At this point, I'm mainly interested in comments whether the use of the 
> flag is acceptable from a security perspective.  I expect that if you 
> can set the flag and overwrite vtable pointers, you already have 
> substantial control over what the process does.  It is also likely that 
> you would able to reset the pointer guard variable, disabling the 
> hardening in Kees' patch.

by that logic, why do we have PTR_MANGLE at all ?

seems like it'd be possible to use to arbitrary points to use as the
false/true values if we really wanted.  i.e. turn the new bool into a
pointer, then for "true", assign it a mangled value of the vtables
array, and for "false", assign it a mangled value of some other sym.
then even if someone could corrupt the variable, they wouldn't be
able to just stamp in "0" or "1".  only one or two points would need
to be updated, so the ugliness would be contained.

> +      JUMP_INIT(finish, _IO_file_finish),

i know the old code got the style wrong, but since you're writing a
whole new file from scratch, might as well fix the style issues too.

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