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Fix langinfo.h nl_langinfo_l namespace (bug 19996)

langinfo.h declares nl_langinfo_l if __USE_XOPEN2K.  But this function
was new in the 2008 edition of POSIX.  This patch fixes the condition

Tested for x86_64 and x86 (testsuite, and that installed shared
libraries are unchanged by the patch).

2016-04-26  Joseph Myers  <>

	[BZ #19996]
	* locale/langinfo.h (nl_langinfo_l): Declare if [__USE_XOPEN2K8],
	not [__USE_XOPEN2K].
	* conform/Makefile (test-xfail-XOPEN2K/langinfo.h/conform): Remove

diff --git a/conform/Makefile b/conform/Makefile
index a1759c9..56a7dda 100644
--- a/conform/Makefile
+++ b/conform/Makefile
@@ -211,7 +211,6 @@ test-xfail-UNIX98/unistd.h/conform = yes
 test-xfail-UNIX98/utmpx.h/conform = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/aio.h/conform = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/fcntl.h/conform = yes
-test-xfail-XOPEN2K/langinfo.h/conform = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/mqueue.h/conform = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/semaphore.h/conform = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/signal.h/conform = yes
diff --git a/locale/langinfo.h b/locale/langinfo.h
index 481e226..04347eb 100644
--- a/locale/langinfo.h
+++ b/locale/langinfo.h
@@ -583,7 +583,7 @@ enum
 extern char *nl_langinfo (nl_item __item) __THROW;
-#ifdef	__USE_XOPEN2K
+#ifdef __USE_XOPEN2K8
 /* This interface is for the extended locale model.  See <locale.h> for
    more information.  */

Joseph S. Myers

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