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Re: use of Yy+0/Nn-1/etc... in LC_MESSAGES yesexpr/noexpr

On 18 Apr 2016 11:10, Rafal Luzynski wrote:
> 18.04.2016 04:40 Mike Frysinger wrote:
> >
> > do we have policy/guidance on the use of english chars in the yes/no
> > regexes ? of the 202 locales that define yesexpr/noexpr, 195 of them
> > include [Yy]/[Nn], most of which aren't english.
> >
> > my take: at the risk of being called anglocentric, we should add
> > [Yy] & [Nn] to all locales
> Sounds reasonable to me. From my own experience and from my contacts
> with other developers from neighboring countries it seems to me that
> hardcore computer users (software engineers, admins, scientists, long
> time users) are used to English and sometimes even prefer English over
> their own native languages and sometimes may involuntary press Y/N
> instead of their native version even if the software is localized.
> My point is that adding [Yy] and [Nn] can make some people happy and
> will not hurt anybody.
> Note: Make sure that [Yy] and [Nn] are not already used for the opposite
> meaning (that [Yy] does not mean "no" or [Nn] does not mean "yes")
> because in that case this change would be harmful.

a very good point.  there's 5 languages where this comes up:
 yo.xml:  <yesstr>Bááni :N</yesstr>
 sw.xml:  <yesstr>Ndiyo:N</yesstr>
 guz.xml: <nostr>Yaya:Y</nostr>
 az.xml:  <nostr>yox:y</nostr>
 uz.xml:  <nostr>yoâq:y</nostr>

at least yo_NG is broken on our side.

> - no, please don't drop [Oo] (Oui) from en_CA unless preserving [Oo]
>   causes some technical issues;

i split this out into the other reply by Keld

> - yes, please use [ÐÐDdYy] and if possible for both sr_RS and sr_RS@latin;
>   I guess that some Serbian users may use different keyboard layouts and
>   switch between them, it would be easier for them if the software could
>   read their intention correctly even if they forget to switch their
>   keyboard layout to Latin.

script variants are much easier to handle as we have that data :).

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