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[PATCH] localedate: LC_IDENTIFICATION.category: set to ISO 14652 2002 standard

The ISO 14652 standard defines the valid values for the category
keyword as only two options:

The vast majority of locales had changed the "i18n" string to the
name of its own locale (e.g. "ak_GH:2013") as well as tweaking the
date (presumably thinking it should be the date of submission).

Convert all of them to "i18n:2002" for consistency.

Compressed + attached due to size.  Example change:
--- a/localedata/locales/ak_GH
+++ b/localedata/locales/ak_GH
@@ -37,19 +37,19 @@ language     "Akan"
 territory    "Ghana"
 revision     "1.0"
 date         "2013-08-24"
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_IDENTIFICATION
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_CTYPE
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_COLLATE
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_TIME
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_NUMERIC
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_MONETARY
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_PAPER
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_MEASUREMENT
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_MESSAGES
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_NAME
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_ADDRESS
-category  "ak_GH:2013";LC_TELEPHONE
+category "i18n:2002";LC_IDENTIFICATION
+category "i18n:2002";LC_CTYPE
+category "i18n:2002";LC_COLLATE
+category "i18n:2002";LC_TIME
+category "i18n:2002";LC_NUMERIC
+category "i18n:2002";LC_MONETARY
+category "i18n:2002";LC_PAPER
+category "i18n:2002";LC_MEASUREMENT
+category "i18n:2002";LC_MESSAGES
+category "i18n:2002";LC_NAME
+category "i18n:2002";LC_ADDRESS
+category "i18n:2002";LC_TELEPHONE

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