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Re: [BZ 15578] The kk_KZ locale update

On 22 Mar 2016 18:53, Timur Birsh wrote:
> +% ÐÐYy
>  yesexpr "<U005E><U005B><U0418><U0438><U0059><U0079><U005D><U002E><U002A>"
> +% ÐÐNn
>  noexpr  "<U005E><U005B><U0416><U0436><U004E><U006E><U005D><U002E><U002A>"

let's just omit these comments that decode the strings.  there's no way
to check that they're accurate w/out actually decoding the output, and
at that point, you've got the normalized output.  this applies to the
whole file as you've done this in a few places.

if you need a helper script, you can use the attached python script.

> +% ÑÐ
>  currency_symbol           "<U0442><U0433>"

consulting CLDR shows this should actually be â instead of ÑÐ.
can you verify that ?

> +country_name "<U049A><U0430><U0437><U0430><U049B><U0441><U0442><U0430>/
> +<U043D>"

this looks OK -- it's what CLDR lists and what i was going to change to

> +country_num 398

i was going to make the same change, but if your patch gets in first :)

>  % KZ
> -country_car    "<U004B><U005A>"
> +% KAZ
> +country_car "<U004B><U0041><U005A>"

hmm, this should be KZ shouldn't it ?

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