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Re: buildbot status

On 03/03/2016 05:38 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I've just created a new Bugzilla component called "buildbot".  I decided it
> would be useful to have this as distinct from the "admin" catch-all so that
> someone interested in improving the bot situation could have a clear queue
> of items to look at.  I added a mention of the component on the Buildbot
> wiki page.  That wiki page could still use some more love.
> Not filed in Bugzilla, but now fixed on the bots, is an issue that Tulio
> raised a while back and that has been making the i686 and x86_64 builds
> essentially useless for some months now.
> The i686 and x86_64 builders were both stuck because I'd left changes in
> their working directories from past manual debugging attempts.  This was
> making the git commands in the "sync" step do basically nothing, causing
> the "sync" step to show up as red but not preventing the build and test
> steps from proceeding with a source directory that wasn't getting updated.
> I've now made the "sync" step more robust to such local turds so it
> aggressively wipes out everything from the source directory except exactly
> what's in the git trunk.
> I filed for the other
> issue that Tulio raised, which is races between bot slave triggers and more
> commits coming in.  We don't yet have a working fix for that, but it is a
> much less serious issue than the failing-sync problem.
> For the new bugzilla component, I'm automatically CC'd but there is no
> default assignee.  I didn't want to imply that I will necessarily jump on
> every buildbot bug filed myself, though I will try to keep track of it.
> Indeed I would very much like to encourage more folks to get involved with
> improving the bot stuff.

I'd love to just repeat the same process Tulio used :-)


Any status on updating the wiki page with more instructions?


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