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Re: Migrating web page back to

On 02/19/2016 12:58 AM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> Community,
> The website update mechanism is unable to robustly
> handle the automation we use to update the glibc manual during
> releases.
> See this bug:
> Given the bug, and my desire to avoid manually updating the
> documentation whenever we have changes, I'm going to recommend
> we move the website back to where we can just
> commit things as expected with no push delay and thus get
> a robust automated update.
> Is anyone opposed to move the website back to
> We will redirect from back to like we
> had in the past before we migrated to I would
> like to have stayed on, but the broken sync
> is a blocker for me. I've asked if there is anything we can
> do to help fix the broken sync scripts.

After working with the admins we've gotten the sync
scripts working. If we have any more problems I know exactly
who to contact and how to work it out in detail. In the meantime
the entire system is being migrated from cvs to git (yay!).

Therefore there will be no migration back to


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