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Re: [PATCH] locales: ay_PE: rename Aymara locale

Mike Frysinger wrote:
your feedback is not helpful.  please provide real details instead
of your constant vague one-line responses.

This goes too far. Andreas's comments are often quite valuable and bear study, and it's typically not that hard to figure them out. Also, Andreas has repeatedly shown willingness to expand on his comments when asked nicely, or when people clearly misunderstand them. In practice his style is a reasonable way to help us out, even if it's terser than the style most people use.

In this case, I expect that Andreas's point is that ISO 639-2 has the following entries:

ayc - Southern (Altiplano) Aymara, sometimes called "Aymara" in English
ayr - Central Aymara -- Jaqaru and (now nearly extinct) Kawki
aym - inclusive code for both ayc and ayr

In contrast, ISO 639-1 has just "ay", corresponding to ISO 639-2's "aym". So could you explain why is it technically correct to replace "ayc" with "ay"?

Some background: "ayc" has about 2 million speakers; "ayr" has about 700. "aym" doesn't have an universally agreed-upon name in English; some call it "Aymaran", some "Aymara", some "Jaqi", and some "Aru". There is opportunity for confusion here, due to the multiple meanings of the English word "Aymara".

My sources:

Hardman MJ. The Jaqi languages. 2015.

Library of Congress. Codes for the Representation of Names of Languages. 2014-03-18.

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