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Re: gnu-gabi group (Was: Re: Linux-abi group)

On Sun, 14 Feb 2016, Suprateeka R Hegde wrote:

> On 11-Feb-2016 10:08 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> > I think that none of the ABI extensions in question are anything to do
> > with Linux, the kernel.  Rather, they are ABI extensions for userspace in
> > the GNU system, which apply the same under multiple kernels (but some of
> > them may well not apply to Android systems using the Linux kernel, for
> > example, if the Bionic C library and dynamic linker lack the relevant
> > features).  Thus it would be more appropriate for a mailing list to be
> > hosted on sourceware or Savannah, and for any resulting documents to refer
> > to GNU, not to Linux.
> These points look very logical. Even I would like to agree to it, but after
> clearing some of the conflicting points I have.
> 1. The LinuxFoundation.Org and hence the "Linux" Standard Base has been
> created for "Linux, the platform" and not "Linux, the kernel". Am I right? If
> I am right, why not make ourse;ves part of the foundation and hence standards?
> Its one big central place.

The extensions in question are generally part of GNU, the platform 
(including GNU with other kernels), not just GNU/Linux.

Note that for example ELFOSABI_LINUX was renamed to ELFOSABI_GNU in the 
gABI some time ago to reflect this.

Joseph S. Myers

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