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Testing sending email discussion with UTF-8.

This is just a test.

On 02/09/2016 01:18 AM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> hmm, some of my patches are getting rejected due to tripping the
> spam filters.  i guess we consider non-ASCII characters spam :>.
> -mike
> This updates a bunch of locales based on CLDR v28 data:
>   <snip -- see attachment>
> These all look largely straightforward.  Many had English translations
> instead of native, and a few have been updated.  I can't verify some of
> them as I'm not personally familiar, but the CLDR data matches.
> The Zulu translation South Africa looks weird, but it is what the CLDR
> data shows for many countries.  Some searching there suggests it is
> correct, but is due to multiple possible translations.
> The USA->United States seems a little odd, but that is also what the
> CLDR database uses everywhere (rather than "United States of America"). 

This updates a bunch of locales based on CLDR v28 data:
  bg_BG: changing Bulgaria to ÐÑÐÐÐÑÐÑ

I've asked my Bulgarian friend to verify.

  bo_CN: changing àààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààà to àààààà
  bo_IN: changing àààààà to ààààààà
  cy_GB: changing Cymru to Y Deyrnas Unedig
  dz_BT: changing àààààà to ààààà

  en_US: changing USA to United States

This is expected. I think several style guides have been using
"United States" and US as the most common form of name and
abbreviation for the the country in question.

  es_US: changing USA to Estados Unidos

Likewise. In both Mexico, Florida, and Latin America.

  gd_GB: changing Breatainn MhÃr to An RÃoghachd Aonaichte
  ha_NG: changing X to Najeriya
  mk_MK: changing Macedonia to ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÐÑÐ
  mn_MN: changing Mongolia to ÐÐÐÐÐÐ
  tr_TR: changing Turkey to TÃrkiye
  vi_VN: changing Viát nam to Viát Nam
  yo_NG: changing X to OrÃláÌÃde NÃÃjÃrÃÃ

This is in Yoruba and the official language in X.

It roughly translates to "The Constitution of X"
or just "X"

  sq_MK: changing Macedonia to Maqedoni
  tr_CY: changing Northern Cyprus to GÃney KÄbrÄs Rum Kesimi
  ug_CN: changing äåäæååå to ØÛÚÚÙ
  wae_CH: changing Switzerland to Schwiz
  zu_ZA: changing Mzansi Afrika to i-South Africa

I would have expected "iNingizimu Afrika" as the official
zulu name for South Africa.

However, Zulu's `i-` is a full noun prefix, and it's common
that locative places in Zulu should use their English name
with the full noun prefix, thus: i-South Africa.

So while the expected official name is rather more complicated
I expect CLDR is using the most common form in use by South
Africans e.g. i-South Africa (and probably a lot of other
i-<Something> entries too).

In summary: LGTM, pending Bulgarian spot verification.


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